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Ultimate bulk image converter, providing support for an incredible 545 input formats and 56 output formats
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19 November 2015

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This is a batch processor of images.

ReaConverter makes batch image conversion and oft-recurring picture editing simple for you. This tool is able to support more than 400 image formats that can be used as inputs. The processed images can be output in 60 different formats. This can prove to be a bulk processor of images. It should prove to be useful for web designers, developers, bloggers, etc. who need to process a bunch of images to same set of requirements. The process is an easy three step one. The interface is quite intuitive and simple to use. It lets you select a batch of files. You get to see the thumbnail of each picture loaded. The second step is to add "Add action" button to select from a variety of image edit functions. For image editing, ReaConverter enables the user to create action sets of basic editing actions (crop, rotate, resize, sharpen, etc.). The sets are then applied to a batch of images. The action set can be saved and used again.

These functions include resize, crop, rotate, mirror, sharpen, blur, border, shadow, watermark and such other actions. You can change image resolution, color intensity and a host of other edits. Automatic rotate and crop, adjustments of color in RGB or HLS or HSV color space. Image effects including blur, sharpen and a host of other effects can be used, image watermarks and third party effects such as through Photoshop plug ins are available for including in the actions list. The processing set is really amazing for this tool. The tool supports Unicode and the interface supports languages like Italian, Serbian, Hungarian and Turkish. This is very good automatic tool that can save a lot of time, stress and hassles.

Publisher's description

reaConverter is a powerful batch image converter which allows you to convert multiple images between a huge variety of different formats in a single operation. The bulk image converter provides immense support for different formats, so you can use it to open and convert any image of any format you are ever likely to encounter, including both rare and obsolete formats. In total, 545 input image formats are supported as well as 56 output formats.
Supported formats include all of the standard and advanced formats, RAW formats used by professional digital photographers, Microsoft Office Document formats including DOC, DOCX and RTF, CAD and AutoCAD formats and a whole lot more.
In addition to standard bulk image conversion features, you can also edit multiple images in one hit, including resizing, mirroring, applying filters and watermarks and much more. If you are looking for the ultimate batch image converter, then reaConverter is the solution you should be looking for.
The new update of reaConverter 7 lets creative people do what they should - create - taking the most of routine operations upon itself. The feature is called Watch Folders, and that's what it does: watches folders containing images for new or modified files
and instantly applies predefined actions to them. Working invisibly in the background, reaConverter's Watch Folders feature allows a user to resize, crop, adjust brightness and colors, add watermarks and otherwise alter images of 400+ supported formats that landed in the specified source folder.
You can find out more at and download a trial version or purchase the bulk image converter today.
Version 7.1.74
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